The Bear and the Maiden Fair. Two individuals both compatible and au contraire. Two adult humans with full lives and needs. One van somewhere on a distant continent. One tiny home with wheels. That is what we wanted, and that is what we have gotten.

It is commonly thought that travel and the feeling of home do not go hand in hand. To be abroad is to be somewhere that is else, somewhere unfamiliar and alien. You travel far and return to the place that you know to be yours, home. We humbly disagree. Home is not one thing, one place. It is a feeling that runs deep within the soul. It is a concept that bonds individuals to one another. We imbue our environment with the feeling of home allowing it to be wherever we choose. Wherever we park it, as it were. Home for us is a van to take us where we cannot walk, to shelter us where we cannot camp, and to keep what we cannot carry.

Taking to the road, as we have done, is not an unusual undertaking. We are part of a vast community filled with human beings who revel in the roaming nature this life affords us. We are gypsies and nomads and we cannot shake the need to wander. Ours are the feet that will pad down long overgrown paths. Ours are the eyes that will see and discover. Ours are the voices that will howl at the desert moon.

We have taken to the road as an answer to the unspoken questions of life and in that search we shall gather no moss. It is for us to learn how to explore this world and we intend to do so.