All in On the Trail

I have now been in Australia for more than two months, and yet I still write of things not so long past. Why would I deny anyone the right, born in curiosity, to know of what happens now? I feel that to understand this new adventure you must understand those previous and the lessons learned therein. You see every step, every notion, and every action prior leads to the moments now and my success within them.

What I learned from the Camino and Backpacking is as follows:

The Camino de Santiago

The actual How To of explaining the Camino is something that quite literally gives me pause. My brain quakes, my hands shudder, and I lose all sense of the English language. It is a monstrous undertaking. It is hardly something that can be condensed, though I will do my best. There are any number of novels written on just such a subject, and they likely do it more justice than I. So I shall begin the same way I began two years ago: